Monday, January 30, 2012

On TV! "The Daily Dish"

Here's a couple random videos for ya. A couple days ago my friend Whitney asked me to be on "The Daily Dish". She asked if I still did hair and when I said yes she asked if I'd like to do a hair segment on the show. It was only 5 minutes so she wanted me to do some sort of hair trend. Of course I said yes, how often do you get to be on TV?! Haha so I started thinking of some things I could do and thought of The Sock Bun since it's really popular right now and super easy to do. I was way nervous but also really excited. I asked Megan to be my model since she's gorgeous and has beautiful hair. Anyways you can watch the video HERE. It was so much fun and I'm so glad I did it!! Way cool opportunity, Thanks Whit!

I teach cheer every Tuesday and last week after class me and the other cheer coach, Jordyn, decided it'd be a good idea to tumble. It was super fun but I could tell it was gonna take a major toll on my body. I can whip out a standing tuck every now and then to see if I still have it but we tumbled for nearly an hour and I was doing all sorts of stuff I hadn't done in years. Clearly I'm not 16 anymore because the next 4 days my body hurt so bad. Everything was sore. My arms, my calves, my hamstrings, my abs, everything!! It was worth it though cuz it felt so good to do those things again. Anyways here's a couple videos of that. 

And the last one is of the little girl I baby sit, Camryn. I'm sure by now you've figured out that she's basically the coolest kid ever and that I absolutely adore here. The video is pretty self explanatory so just watch it and enjoy her cuteness :).

And just cuz I find it funny but I'm sure none of you will, Paisley after a bath running around trying to get warm. It's sorta entertaining, right?

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