Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years!

For New Year's I went down to spend the night with Jenay and Brittany and other friends. It was a way fun night! We danced, chatted, and counted down the new year! Here's to 2012! I have really high hopes for you :) I've yet to figure out my resolution(s) yet, once I decide I'll be sure to write them on here so you can hold me to them (Meg haha).

Dancin! Yes we all look awesome ;)

Me, Jenay, Cassie.

Jenay and I had a sleep over at her sisters house and found this tiny little sparkling cider in the fridge so we of course had to have some! And by some I mean all cuz it was all of two sips for each of us haha. Delicious though! Happy New Year!!!

And the most exciting part of the night.... Jonny got engaged!!!! Ahhh I am seriously so excited!! I am so happy for them, they are perfect for each other. I absolutely love Hailey, she's the sister in law I always wanted. She's great and I couldn't have picked anyone better for my brother! I'm so glad they found each other and I'm so excited for her to be a part of our family!! Love you both! Congrats!!!

New years day, Sunday, they came to our house for our weekly "Kardashian night" and we had more sparkling cider to celebrate and took pics. There were quite a few funny ones before this but I thought I'd just put this one up cuz they're all very similar. (my daddy was gone visiting my grandpa.)

Anyways, bring on 2012!! Can't wait to see what you have in store. I'm sure you'll be much better than part of 2011 :)


  1. You are a pretty bunch of ladies! We drank the mini Sparkling Ciders too. Ha

    Hailey looks familiar. Is she a ...Corry?

  2. I'm a new follower! :)
    Cute blog!


  3. Looks like such a blast! Loving your cute blog :)

  4. What a perfect NYE! And seriously, you are GORGEOUS Haley!

    p.s. Nicest comment EVER about my hair :) I just used an inch and a half sized curling iron for the curls in my hair!