Sunday, June 26, 2011

Arizona- Jonny's Graduation

Jonny graduated Pharmacy School!!! I seriously can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were moving him down to Phoenix and now he's done! It's crazy but I couldn't be more proud of him. It's such a huge accomplishment and I am so happy for him. He's so dang cute and will be such a good Pharmacist! Congratulations brother!!!! We love you so much!!

We got down there on Wednesday afternoon and just went to a banquet that night for all the graduating class. There was about 120 students graduating with him. We dressed up and went to the Renaissance hotel in Glendale and it was such a beautiful hotel. (side note real quick- when we pulled up it was really hard to park there was a concert going on. Once we got in the hotel and took a few pics I looked up what concert it was and it was miss Britney Spears! I got super bugged cuz I was already annoyed she wasn't coming to Utah and here she was performing in the building right next to me and I couldn't go. I was happy to be at the banquet supporting my brother but I looked up tickets to see if we could maybe go after the dinner and awards ceremony, oh don't worry it was 750 dollars for 2, so that idea instantly became out of the question.) Anyways, we had a delicious dinner- the best filet minon (spelling?) I've ever had and a delicious chocolate cake. Then they presented the awards- only 13 out of the 120 got awards and Jonny was one of them- he's really smart. He got all the brains. He got the "Award for Excellence in Therapeutics". I looked it up and it basically refers to the use of drugs and the method of their administration in the treatment of disease. The person who gave him the award had a lot of really neat things to say about him and it made me really proud to be his sister :). So after all that we were all just hanging around talking and of course I'd already given up on B Spears but I must've been really lucky cuz one of Jonny's friends girlfriends had just been given free tickets which she then gave to me! I was a little suspicious that they were fakes though but me and Jonny go running over to the Jobbing arena and go in and have the lady scan our tickets and to our amazement they were totally legit! I'm still skeptical at this point though when I go to another lady to ask her where our seats were basically just expecting her to say "uh, these seats don't exist", but she didn't, she told us we were down on the floor so we go running in, find our seats on the 18th row and enjoy the rest of the concert! We'd missed about 20 minutes but still got to see a good chunk of it. It was so fun and so cool that we got to go! I was still in shock at the way things worked out and was so happy to be there. Brit's pretty much doesn't dance, she's just really good at walkin cross that stage and struttin her stuff but still puts on a great show so it was really fun! All in all a great night, with the banquet and the concert.

Next day we just hung at the pool all day. It was super hot!! It was like 110 the whole time we were down there. Don't go to AZ in June ;). Then we showered and got ready then went to lunch a P.F. Chang's, went and saw Bridesmaids, then went to dinner at On the Border, then called it a night.

Friday was his graduation so that morning we just went to the campus and watched him graduate! It was seriously so cool. It really was so neat watching him and so fun to know that he's finally done! Then took tons of pics!

After we of course went to Chick-fil-A, we literally went every day cuz it was right next to our hotel. Then we went and Bad Teacher, then we to dinner at our favorite restaurant- Firebirds. It has the best steak! We ate tons so after we just chilled in the hotel. It was so nice to have family time. I really enjoyed being with my family- It was awesome to be "just us". I love my family and I'm so glad we went on this trip. It was so fun and so good just be with each other and I'm so grateful for the opportunity we had to do this together. 

Saturday was our last day. I was really bummed to leave but so excited to get home to see friends and my cute Paisley girl :) and the rest of the dogs, I'm lame haha. We just went to lunch in the airport then flew home. It was such a good trip, very successful and very fun! Can't wait to do another one with the fam. So so proud of Jonny!!! Good job Brother!!! Love you! Isn't he just so cute?! :) xoxo

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Believe in Pink...

Vegas- Round 2

So Friday Whitney and I decided we needed to get out of town for memorial weekend. We ended up in Vegas. Go figure ;) I'll do a quick recap: Saturday went to the pool at Excalibur, went to dinner at Macayo's that night, a delicious mexican restaurant, went to take a nap at 10 before goin out for the night and ohhh slept all through the night haha. Sunday was super windy so we went to a singles ward, went to lunch with some people we met there which was way fun, then went hot tubbing at Palazzo with them cuz it was too cold to lay out. Lame. That night went dancing at Hard Rock's club- Vanity. We were under the impression that Drake would be performing so we waited til 1:30 in the morning and he finally came on and after of him just chillin on stage talking in between songs for an hour finally asked someone when he would perform and was told he was only "hosting". Lame again. I was exhausted, we went back and slept. Monday the weather was finally perfect so we went to the pool at Bellagio. Well, snuck in to the pool at Bellagio. It was fabulous. We of course had picked up a cupcake and brownie on the way though from Sugar Factory and ate those :). Then we did a little shopping and ate at Sugar Factory. We were gonna go to Serendipity but Sugar Factory's menu was too hard to resist. We got frozen hot chocolate, Whit got a s'mores crepe, and I got a chocolate, chocolate, chocolate crepe. Delicious. Made me sick. Didn't think something would be ever be too chocolatey for me. This was. Then we drove home! And that was our fabulous, last minute weekend getaway!