Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Girl Time

Lots of girls nights lately and I've loved every minute of it!! I love all my girl friends, always a good/ much needed time! :)

Exchanging Christmas presents with Kell.

Girls Night with some high school friends! Paige and Ashley were in town so we all got together to catch up and try to watch the bachelor. It was really good night and great to see some girls that I hadn't seen in a while! And aren't they all just gorgeous?! 

Me and Meg with our Harry Potter phone covers. We're slightly obsessed. (Harry Potter Camp soon Meg!!)

Heath and Me.

Meg, Carly, Michelle. Thanks so much to Michelle for letting us have it at her beautiful home!!

Tiff, Heath, and Me. Thanks Car for the pictures!

Ash and Paige.

My boy Knox!

All of us!! Fun night :)

Then dinner with Kylee and Whit for all our birthdays! Kylee's was December 22nd, Whit's January 9th, and mine today!!

Then had date night with Meg and her hubby Ladd and his friend Derek. Only got a picture of Me and Meg having ice cream though.

Birthday post coming soon... :)

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