Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Such a good Christmas this year!! It was amazing to be home for the holidays and even better to spend Christmas Eve and day with my family. I seriously was just so grateful to be here and enjoyed every moment with them! Christmas Eve we went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner, did the nativity with all my cousin's kids, and did a white elephant.

Nativity Scene.

White elephant. The coveted movie "Inception". I was trying to hard to get it! My dad went home with half eaten box of Ferrero Rocher and I with an Obama Chia pet. Winners.

Drove around to see the luminaries and lights in Somerset. This has now become a tradition to drive around and see them every year.

The 3 of us. Hailey, Jonny, and me.

The fam. Traditional shot in front of the tree :)

And with Hailey, our newest addition :)

My girl Pais with her Christmas sweater complete with scarf.

And pullin a funny face.

We open one present every year on Christmas Eve. Jonny got a coat...

And I got a camera! I actually didn't end up liking this one so I traded it for a Canon that I like a lot better.

Whit got me these awesome Barbie footie pajamas, love them!

Christmas morning!

Jonny got me this Harry Potter "slanket" as a joke, little did he know I took it seriously and absolutely loved it!

Got my mom a running watch cuz she's a runnin freak! haha

Got my dad roasted almonds and a new keychain.

Got Jonny a new collar and tag for Barkley.

And I got a big screen TV!! I did NOT think I was gonna get this! My parents are the greatest and absolutely spoiled me! My birthday is comin up though so the big screen is for that as well, I'm so super excited about it though!


Harry Potter long socks. It was a Harry Potter Christmas :) I also got an HP necklace and keychain.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well! Now just countin down the days til my birthday... ;)

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