Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Madness

I'm just gonna do pictures. So here it goes...

Went to the U gymnastics meet with the fam.

Baked a cake with Camryn.

Then had a party with Camilla!

Had Kell's bridal shower at my house. I had so much fun making everything for it. First time I'd been crafty and I really enjoyed it. I freakin love that girl and am so happy for her and her new marriage! The shower was so much fun! Thanks to all those who came and celebrated with us! :)

Went to a couple of Connor's basketball games with Meg and the crew.

Knox really wanted the apple!

Went to "Get Air" with Tyler and Camryn!! It was SO much fun! And such a good work out! I can't wait to go back!

Nannied one weekend for the Henderson's. This was a note one of the little boys wrote me and is exactly why I love my job. Such sweet kids.

Hangin' out with Andie. She could easily pass for my little girl :)

Went on TV again for the lovely miss Christine Andrew with ILY Couture to model her darling wedding accessories. Check her blog out here and her Etsy stuff here. She's such a doll and I can't thank her enough for asking me to do this, it was a lotta fun and I love all her cute stuff!

Indoor picnic with Camryn.

Kell's rehearsal dinner at Oakridge.

Her beautiful bouquet! I wish I would've taken a lot more pictures of her wedding day. But since I know her photographer so well I just figured I'd see them all from her so I'll hopefully be able to post more later. But it was seriously such a fun day! I'm so happy for Kell and Spencer. They're a perfect couple and I'm so excited for them. The reception was perfect. It was absolutely adorable!! Kell did such a good job with everything and it turned out beautifully! I loved it all and I can't believe it's over! Once again I love you so much unicorn and am so proud of you!!!

Her wedding was also the same day as my mommy's birthday! Since I was busy all day with that between getting her bouquet, going to the temple, getting everything at her house, setting up, then cleaning up after I had no time to do anything for my mom's bday. Bad daughter I know. So we celebrated the next day. We went to Pei Wei for dinner then did presents. We got her a steamer and cherry cordials and Tayah got her a picture frame. I absolutely love Tayah! She's the cutest little girl and so much fun and I seriously can't wait for them to be a part of the family!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY! I love you so much!!! You'll never know how much you mean to me and how much I adore you. You are my very best friend and have been there for me throughout it all. You're more than I could've asked for and I cannot thank you enough for all you do for me! I am one lucky girl and I am so grateful you're my mommy :) I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

And we'll finish with this cute little boys bum. Just cuz it makes me happy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm in Love...

With this little man..

And how could you not be?! For the past month and a half or so I've hung out with Meg almost every single day. And I've absolutely loved it. It's been just what I needed to just hang out and relax every day and see some of the people I love most. Knox is my boyfriend so I felt he deserved a post. We'll sub caption this "My month with Meg and Knox". You'd think we'd be sick of each other by now after hanging out all the time and spending five days straight with each other for HP, but no, we're just in love ;)

Knox is seriously the best little baby. I tell Meg all the time how he's completely spoiled me and my expectations for kids and mine will never live up to him cuz he's just so perfect!! Not only is he THE CUTEST guy I've ever seen, he's got the most ADORABLE personality. He's always happy. Always smiling. Always laughing. And it's the sweetest laugh ever and makes me so happy every time he laughs or smiles. He has the most perfect shaped little mouth and smile. I'm around so much that I feel like we've gotten to the point where he actually recognizes me now and I absolutely LOVE that! Like I said, I'm in love with this kid. So thank you Ladd and Meg for bringing the most perfect child into this world and thank you Meg for being my best friend and letting me be a part of his life. Now just sit back and enjoy his cuteness. It's impossible not to smile when looking at this stud.

So I pretend like he loves me but this is him attacking my face, we've got some things to work on...

His face. Oh it kills me!!

The flash makes him squint his eyes but he's such a trooper and still smiles. Is he melting your heart yet? I thought so...

He completely ADORES his mommy!! It's the sweetest thing. I love watching his face when he see's Meg. You can just tell how happy she makes him.

Brushing his teeth. Uh, I mean, gums.

Reading his book.

Went and got frozen yogurt at Yogo Togo.

Love you so much Knox!!! And love YOU Meg for letting me hang out with you guys ALLLL the time! A huge shout out to Ladd for putting up with me every single day! Well, putting up with US :) Love you guys!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I've been tagged...

I don't even know what to call this. But my cute friend Mikell did it and has now tagged me so here ya go! Enjoy! 

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

I really don't like taking pictures of myself and don't have any of just me so this is what you get :)

11 Random Things About Me

1. I have a 5th wisdom tooth growing in. I had all 4 taken out my junior year and now have a 5th. Lucky me.
2. I am naturally suuuuper blonde.
3. I've been on like 15 cruises and can't wait to go on another.
4. I'm a huge movie lover. I would watch or go to a movie every night of the week.
5. I'm reallllly good at Guitar Hero. I was obsessed with it all through hair school, it's what got me through it. No I did not have a social life.
6. I've never had braces or broken a bone but got stitches once cheering in high school on my knee when I fell on a sprinkler head.
7. I was a cheerleader my sophomore year of high school and did the drill team my junior and senior year and danced for a year at Weber State.
8. I can still do a standing tuck. (back flip for those of you that don't know what a tuck is).
9. I got in 3 wrecks the first month I had my license. Awesome driver.
10. I learned a lot from my last relationship and as hard as it was it taught me a lot and I now know who I am more than ever and what I want.
11. I love anything pink, unicorns, and Barbie.

That was harder than I thought it be to come up with those. On to the next part...


1. What is your favorite color? PINK!!
2. What is your fondest childhood memory? Hmm probably when my dad's friend had horses and would let me come ride them all the time. I was in heaven.
3. If you could meet someone famous who is no longer living, who would it be? Gordon B. Hinckley.
4. What is your biggest dream in life? To be happy. As simple as that. And for all the animals to never get hurt. ha.
5. If you won $100.00 what would you do with it? $1,000? $100- SHOES! $1,000- new phone cuz my screen shattered (not just cracked, shattered people), aaaand shopping spree at Victoria's Secret and Sephora.
6. If you HAD to move to another state, what state would you choose? Uggggh I HATED living out of state. I don't even wanna answer this one cuz I'm SUCH a Utah girl now, but if I HAD to choose I would say California cuz it's always warm. And we'll just pretend that it's not super expensive to live there. Alright maybe I'd be okay with Arizona too.
7. If you could do something illegal with no consequences, what would it be? Rob a bank. Without a doubt.
8. If you got to pick a super power, what would it be? Probably flying. Or read people's minds. 
9. What is your favorite song right now? Hmm probably "Lookin' for a good time" by Lady Antebellum. It's one of my favs by them and since I just went to their concert I'm still really feelin all their songs.But that one fits my life right now :) kinda haha.
10. What are you most afraid of? Having a loved one die.
11. What is the best item on your bucket list? Just checked one off, visit Harry Land!! But one I haven't checked off yet that I really wanna do is go to Fiji. And travel Europe. Okay so I just wanna travel.

Megan Van Brocklin
Christy Buhr
Carly Crosland


1. What's your favorite TV show?
2. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
3. What's your favorite vacation you've ever been on?
4. What's your favorite treat?
5. Favorite memory with your husband?
6. What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?
7. Favorite restaurant?
8. How many times have you been a bridesmaid?
9. Do you like reading blogs or facebook stalking more? Yes stalking haha.
10. What's your dream job?
11. If you got 1 million dollars what would you do with it?