Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recent Randoms

So I suck at blogging in the summer. There's just so much going on, too many fun things to do, and I get way busy so I rarely get around to it. So this post is gonna be all over the place. I'm gonna try to just sum up the past couple months in pictures. Basically I've been nannying a lot, going to the pool tons, hanging out with friends, and doing hair. Nothing too exciting, I need a vacation to escape my usual routine for a bit :) any takers?!

Sirens photo shoot

Glitz Recital. Love these girls!

Went to Get Air.

Mother's day brunch at Oakridge

Got a new car. 

Played with cute Tayah.

Cheer practice.

Camryn's birthday! Her cute 'Tangled' cake my mom made.

Dance recital.

Photo shoot with Knox at Pro Image. Yes I'm still obsessed with him. I know you are too.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Pool time!!

Love summer barbecues!

More pool time...

Back at Pace's for our Rainbow Tradition.

Another cake my mom made.

Played more with my favorite little guy.

Watched this cute boy one weekend!

Lots of Orange Leaf with the kids.

Tayah's personal Hello Kitty cake.

Best Friend necklaces. And cute girls :)

Golfing with friends. I neeeeeed this pink club!!

Date night. 9th wheel. I'm cool.

Camryn's dance recital. 

Get Air with these cute girls.

I found this on my car after church on Sunday cuz I park right in front of Bruse's. Sweetest girls ever, such a fun surprise!!

Let the Summer fun continue...