Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Happenings

January's over folks. Already. Just like that it flew by. Bye bye birthday month, you sure treated me well and I can't wait to play with you again. This post is going to be increeeedibly random because I've been so busy this month but I do wanna post about some of the things I did. 

Had a goodbye lunch with my good friend Heather and her daughter Lily who's going to be living in Mississippi for the the next few months. Miss you girl!

Make overs with these darling girls. Pink lips!

Went to Jade's super cute wedding! Loved it! And am soo happy for her!!

Bride and Groom.

With the beautiful Bride!

Danced the night away and towards the end looked down to see this cute little guy with no pants. I couldn't resist putting it up cuz I thought it was so funny...

Blonde curls and pink suckers...

The beautiful decor.

And just cuz they're cute..

Had my family birthday party with all my cousins then my grandparents got set apart that night cuz they're going on a mission to Malaga Spain! So excited for them and am definitely wanting to go visit! 
Love them!

Me and my darling cousin Ashley basically wore the same thing, black lace tops and gray pants.

Walked in to the kitchen the other day to this....

I was dying laughing. If you know my mom you know she is soooo extremely talented. Seriously the greatest lady ever and can do absolutely anything. She basically did my whole salon by herself. The floor, installed the sink, did the tile behind the sink, everything! She's outta control and if she see's anything she always thinks, "I can do that." And the crazy thing is she actually can! So she decided she could bake a cake and therefore made my 3rd birthday cake for the month, a Barbie cake. Yes, I know I'm 5. But hey I'm still obsessed with Barbie. NBD.

Anyways the woman's crazy good at anything she does. Love her.

Meg and I then had our own baking night (if you can even call it baking, all you do is roll balls, refridgerate, melt chocolate and dip. Easy). We made Oreo bites for her sisters baby shower and they turned out quite cute I'd say! Great job Meg! Oh and delicious too!!! Let me know if you want the recipe :) We had leftover chocolate so we dipped Oreos and ate those too. Yummmm.

Finally got together with Jenay and Britt for my birthday. We went to Happy Sumo for dinner then went and saw "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". Kinda slow but for the most part I really liked it, good movie! And I just absolute adore these two girls!!!

Don't mind Britt, she's just the greatest at pulling faces is all. 

Bring on February!! Lady Antebellum and freakin Harry Potter Camp in 2 weeks!!!! Ask me if I'm excited... Or if I could sleep last night cuz it felt like Christmas knowing that it's Harry Potter trip month. Eeeeek!!!


  1. I'm so sad our birthday month is over :( But it looks/sounds like you had a grwat month!
    And you are seriously gorgeous, Haley!

    1. I know it went by way too fast!! Looks like you had a fabulous one too! Now we gotta wait 11 more months :( boo. But you are seriously the sweetest girl ever Courtney, thank you so so much!!