Monday, January 30, 2012

On TV! "The Daily Dish"

Here's a couple random videos for ya. A couple days ago my friend Whitney asked me to be on "The Daily Dish". She asked if I still did hair and when I said yes she asked if I'd like to do a hair segment on the show. It was only 5 minutes so she wanted me to do some sort of hair trend. Of course I said yes, how often do you get to be on TV?! Haha so I started thinking of some things I could do and thought of The Sock Bun since it's really popular right now and super easy to do. I was way nervous but also really excited. I asked Megan to be my model since she's gorgeous and has beautiful hair. Anyways you can watch the video HERE. It was so much fun and I'm so glad I did it!! Way cool opportunity, Thanks Whit!

I teach cheer every Tuesday and last week after class me and the other cheer coach, Jordyn, decided it'd be a good idea to tumble. It was super fun but I could tell it was gonna take a major toll on my body. I can whip out a standing tuck every now and then to see if I still have it but we tumbled for nearly an hour and I was doing all sorts of stuff I hadn't done in years. Clearly I'm not 16 anymore because the next 4 days my body hurt so bad. Everything was sore. My arms, my calves, my hamstrings, my abs, everything!! It was worth it though cuz it felt so good to do those things again. Anyways here's a couple videos of that. 

And the last one is of the little girl I baby sit, Camryn. I'm sure by now you've figured out that she's basically the coolest kid ever and that I absolutely adore here. The video is pretty self explanatory so just watch it and enjoy her cuteness :).

And just cuz I find it funny but I'm sure none of you will, Paisley after a bath running around trying to get warm. It's sorta entertaining, right?

Friday, January 20, 2012

24th Birthday!

I turned 24 on January 10th. I still can't believe I'm 24 sometimes haha but yet I've been telling people I'm that age for the past few months. I guess I just feel like when I picture people at age 24 they've accomplished a lot more than I have and I still feel like a little girl sometimes. But hey I just have to embrace that I'm getting older and learn to deal with it.

This birthday was by far the best that I can remember. Last years birthday was absolutely awful so I knew it'd definitely be better than that haha. My mom started off birthday week on Sunday with crepes for breakfast for me. She's such a peach :) She even put a candle in the first one for me. Gosh I love that woman.

Paisley wanted some too.

Tuesday was my actual birthday. My mom and I went to lunch with our good friend Mel at Zupa's. It's quickly becoming one of my faves. We went and got my Disney princess balloons and cake. I originally wanted a Harry Potter birthday cake since I'm obsessed and am going to Harry Potter land soon, but no where had one. Or a Barbie cake. So my mom being the awesome mom she is surprised me with Disney Princesses since she knows I love Disney as well. Hi I'm 5 :) haha.

We then went to dinner at Tepanyaki, another one of my absolute faves.

With the parentals.

With my bro and his soon to be wife :)

When I got home I walked in to see this and about peed my pants from excitement. I couldn't believe I really got a bike and I was so excited!!! Seriously my parents are the best and completely spoiled me. 

24 baby!!

Once again I love princesses. I got Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, as well as the movie Up. I got tons of other blu-rays cuz I got a blu-ray player. Like I said- awesome parents :)

And a basket for my bike for Paisley! (she hates it).

Pais sneakin a bite of birthday cake.

Of course I wanted to go for a ride but it was freezing so I put on my Barbie onesie, Uggs, down coat, and gloves. This picture is awesome- killer outfit and riding a beach cruiser bike in Utah in January. Don't get much better than that ;)

Such an amazing birthday spent doing the things I love with the people who mean most to me. Couldn't have asked for a better day :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lily's Birthday

Heather's daughter Lily's 1st birthday was on January 8th! It's like birthday overload this week haha. They had a few people over to their house Saturday night for pizza and cupcakes and it was so much fun! Lily is seriously the most beautiful little girl ever! Seriously. You'll die. She's gorgeous. Just look and see.

Birthday cupcake. Could she be any cuter?!?

Not sure what to do with it...

Sooooo happy!!!! haha

Pretty sure she's lovin it. Although every bite she took she'd shake her head like she didn't like it but yet kept eating it. So cute!!

Beautiful mom and daughter. Sad Lily :(

I'm in love.

Best face ever!!

Opening presents.

Thanks for jumpin in Scott!

The cute decor.

Happy Birthday Lily girl!! Love you so much and can't wait for lots more birthday celebrations to come!

Girl Time

Lots of girls nights lately and I've loved every minute of it!! I love all my girl friends, always a good/ much needed time! :)

Exchanging Christmas presents with Kell.

Girls Night with some high school friends! Paige and Ashley were in town so we all got together to catch up and try to watch the bachelor. It was really good night and great to see some girls that I hadn't seen in a while! And aren't they all just gorgeous?! 

Me and Meg with our Harry Potter phone covers. We're slightly obsessed. (Harry Potter Camp soon Meg!!)

Heath and Me.

Meg, Carly, Michelle. Thanks so much to Michelle for letting us have it at her beautiful home!!

Tiff, Heath, and Me. Thanks Car for the pictures!

Ash and Paige.

My boy Knox!

All of us!! Fun night :)

Then dinner with Kylee and Whit for all our birthdays! Kylee's was December 22nd, Whit's January 9th, and mine today!!

Then had date night with Meg and her hubby Ladd and his friend Derek. Only got a picture of Me and Meg having ice cream though.

Birthday post coming soon... :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years!

For New Year's I went down to spend the night with Jenay and Brittany and other friends. It was a way fun night! We danced, chatted, and counted down the new year! Here's to 2012! I have really high hopes for you :) I've yet to figure out my resolution(s) yet, once I decide I'll be sure to write them on here so you can hold me to them (Meg haha).

Dancin! Yes we all look awesome ;)

Me, Jenay, Cassie.

Jenay and I had a sleep over at her sisters house and found this tiny little sparkling cider in the fridge so we of course had to have some! And by some I mean all cuz it was all of two sips for each of us haha. Delicious though! Happy New Year!!!

And the most exciting part of the night.... Jonny got engaged!!!! Ahhh I am seriously so excited!! I am so happy for them, they are perfect for each other. I absolutely love Hailey, she's the sister in law I always wanted. She's great and I couldn't have picked anyone better for my brother! I'm so glad they found each other and I'm so excited for her to be a part of our family!! Love you both! Congrats!!!

New years day, Sunday, they came to our house for our weekly "Kardashian night" and we had more sparkling cider to celebrate and took pics. There were quite a few funny ones before this but I thought I'd just put this one up cuz they're all very similar. (my daddy was gone visiting my grandpa.)

Anyways, bring on 2012!! Can't wait to see what you have in store. I'm sure you'll be much better than part of 2011 :)

Merry Christmas!

Such a good Christmas this year!! It was amazing to be home for the holidays and even better to spend Christmas Eve and day with my family. I seriously was just so grateful to be here and enjoyed every moment with them! Christmas Eve we went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner, did the nativity with all my cousin's kids, and did a white elephant.

Nativity Scene.

White elephant. The coveted movie "Inception". I was trying to hard to get it! My dad went home with half eaten box of Ferrero Rocher and I with an Obama Chia pet. Winners.

Drove around to see the luminaries and lights in Somerset. This has now become a tradition to drive around and see them every year.

The 3 of us. Hailey, Jonny, and me.

The fam. Traditional shot in front of the tree :)

And with Hailey, our newest addition :)

My girl Pais with her Christmas sweater complete with scarf.

And pullin a funny face.

We open one present every year on Christmas Eve. Jonny got a coat...

And I got a camera! I actually didn't end up liking this one so I traded it for a Canon that I like a lot better.

Whit got me these awesome Barbie footie pajamas, love them!

Christmas morning!

Jonny got me this Harry Potter "slanket" as a joke, little did he know I took it seriously and absolutely loved it!

Got my mom a running watch cuz she's a runnin freak! haha

Got my dad roasted almonds and a new keychain.

Got Jonny a new collar and tag for Barkley.

And I got a big screen TV!! I did NOT think I was gonna get this! My parents are the greatest and absolutely spoiled me! My birthday is comin up though so the big screen is for that as well, I'm so super excited about it though!


Harry Potter long socks. It was a Harry Potter Christmas :) I also got an HP necklace and keychain.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well! Now just countin down the days til my birthday... ;)