Friday, January 20, 2012

24th Birthday!

I turned 24 on January 10th. I still can't believe I'm 24 sometimes haha but yet I've been telling people I'm that age for the past few months. I guess I just feel like when I picture people at age 24 they've accomplished a lot more than I have and I still feel like a little girl sometimes. But hey I just have to embrace that I'm getting older and learn to deal with it.

This birthday was by far the best that I can remember. Last years birthday was absolutely awful so I knew it'd definitely be better than that haha. My mom started off birthday week on Sunday with crepes for breakfast for me. She's such a peach :) She even put a candle in the first one for me. Gosh I love that woman.

Paisley wanted some too.

Tuesday was my actual birthday. My mom and I went to lunch with our good friend Mel at Zupa's. It's quickly becoming one of my faves. We went and got my Disney princess balloons and cake. I originally wanted a Harry Potter birthday cake since I'm obsessed and am going to Harry Potter land soon, but no where had one. Or a Barbie cake. So my mom being the awesome mom she is surprised me with Disney Princesses since she knows I love Disney as well. Hi I'm 5 :) haha.

We then went to dinner at Tepanyaki, another one of my absolute faves.

With the parentals.

With my bro and his soon to be wife :)

When I got home I walked in to see this and about peed my pants from excitement. I couldn't believe I really got a bike and I was so excited!!! Seriously my parents are the best and completely spoiled me. 

24 baby!!

Once again I love princesses. I got Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, as well as the movie Up. I got tons of other blu-rays cuz I got a blu-ray player. Like I said- awesome parents :)

And a basket for my bike for Paisley! (she hates it).

Pais sneakin a bite of birthday cake.

Of course I wanted to go for a ride but it was freezing so I put on my Barbie onesie, Uggs, down coat, and gloves. This picture is awesome- killer outfit and riding a beach cruiser bike in Utah in January. Don't get much better than that ;)

Such an amazing birthday spent doing the things I love with the people who mean most to me. Couldn't have asked for a better day :)


  1. You are too cute. Love the pink bike!

  2. Seriously...24, love all things pink, barbie, and princess? We are SO much alike :) I love your bike! And the onesie... my fave :)

    1. Haha I completely agree girl, every time I read your blog I decide that we just need to be friends already! haha next year we'll have a combined pink barbie princess birthday party! ;)