Saturday, December 24, 2011

Temple Square Lights

Wednesday night a big group of us went and saw the lights at Temple Square. It was a way fun night!! All the girls met at gateway and had to get a picture with the lifeguards at Hollister. Cuz they're totally necessary when it's 30 degrees outside??

Me and Whit

Aren't they cute?! ;)

The whole group

The girls

Me and Jenay at the JSMB

All the girls. Cassie, Brittany, Jenay, Me, Linlee, Morgan, Whit.

Afterwards we went to Denny's for hot chocolate and had the greatest server ever!!! He was seriously hilarious and such a good time. He did a couple magic tricks for us and would spin the tray and menus. He was legit. All in all a really good night! Great activities with even better company :)

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