Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So fun to finally be home for Halloween again! I loved it. Saturday night I went to Megan's party. We ate a delicious dinner then just hung out and played some hilarious games.

Lily and Heath as a Cupcake and Indian.

Me, Heath, and Meg. Megan was Wednesday Addams and Knox was Pubert Addams, it was so dang cute! So bummed I didn't get any pics of Knox.

The first game you tied a banana to your wasted hanging one foot off the ground then had to push an orange across the ground onto a plate by swinging the banana. The other game you dipped your nose in vaseline then picked up cotton balls and had to walk them over and put them in a bowl. Both so freaking funny but didn't get any pics of the cotton ball game.

Then I went dancin with Whit out in Salt Lake. Oh I was a Zebra all night and Whit was one too :)

Aren't the dogs so dang cute in their tutu's? :)

Halloween day, Monday, I was sick with the flu all day :( I woke up really achy and then threw up most of the day, lame right? Who gets sick on Halloween, not cool! Anyways my mom had made my dress so there was no way I wasn't going to wear it, so I showered at like 3 and had to lay down every five minutes cuz I didn't feel well and would get sick and nauseas so it took me forever to get ready.

Feeling sick waiting for all the trick or treaters.

Like I said my mom made my costume cuz I searched everywhere for a Barbie dress but couldn't find one so she was a peach and made it :) There was leftover tulle so I told her to make a tutu for Paisley and she ended up making one for all the girl dogs. Too funny. And Barkley in his "playboy" shirt.

Finally about 7 o'clock I started feeling much better and my Barbie look all came together just in time for the trick or treaters. I'd been out of state for the last 2 Halloweens so I was stoked to finally get to see all the neighborhood kids. I'm really close with a lot of them and always asked my mom to send pics but this year I got to see them all so I was really excited. I think it's been my favorite Halloween yet being Barbie and just staying at home with my family handing out candy to all the kids. I'd rather not be sick all day but at least I started feeling better :)

My mommy was a witch! Isn't she darling?!

Yay love you mommy!!

Some of my favorite kids!

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  1. Hey girl. It's hard to kinda explain the honey situation. Let's just say he has been in my family longer than me;) he is my oldest brothers best friend and my dad was his bishop when they were little and his childhood was less then ideal so my mom always took him in and ever since before I was born he has been coming on all our family trips. Spends every holiday with us in every family photo. And his kids call my mom grandma. He also is in business with my brother and he is my brother just from another mother lol. I don't even know life with out him. U can ask him, he may explain it better