Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas List

My Christmas List (most of them are extremely unlikely but I still wanted to list them haha):
This cute necklace

This necklace. I would wear it everyday. No lie.

Need this. Bad.

Wanna get started on my Disney movie Blu-ray collection. For me to watch. Cuz let's be real by the time I have kids old enough to watch them we'll be on to "the next big thing". Let's all agree that whatever comes after Blu-ray we're just gonna ignore, okay? Okay.

Oh and I'll probably need one of these to actually be able to watch my Blu-rays.

This perfume. Love it.

These Uggs. I never know whether Uggs are in or out, I'm not that fashionably inclined yet. All I know is that they're comfy and warm and here in Utah I am all about warmth.

This won't happen, but I want a pink bike. Bad. With a basket please.

And this definitely won't happen but I want a big screen TV since someone won't give mine back.

Again won't happen cuz they're a bit pricey but I'm IN LOVE with these boots.

I also want this cute coat in white.

Aaaaaand lastly I want a new camera because mine decided to stop functioning. This is actually the main thing I want I just don't know what kind yet. Or color. Oh the decisions haha I definitely wouldn't mind this one though. It'd just take up both my entire Christmas and birthday, so I'll have to find a cheaper one :). That's all. A girl can dream right?

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