Monday, November 14, 2011

Vegas Round 3!

I went to Vegas again this weekend. I know it seems like I go all the time, but I just love it, it makes me happy and is so fun! This weekend was super random actually. I saw my friend Brittany last month who I hadn't seen in years and went to church with her last Sunday and she invited me to go with her and her friends to Vegas and I said yes haha. I had the weekend off nannying cuz the family went to Disneyland and I just needed a vacation after working so much last month so it was perfect timing. I had never met the girls I was going with besides Brittany so it was pretty spontaneous. But I am so glad I did!!! It was so much fun, the girls were great! I'm so excited I made new friends and I can't wait to hang out with them more cuz they were so cute!! The weekend was a blast. I heart Vegas haha. 

Driving around

Riding the sweet escalators that weren't stairs, just flat and went up and down, so fun ha

Dinner at Grand Luxe

Pictures with a creepy guy :/

Cute bottles

So funny. Britt accidentally "stole" these rings from H&M. It was so fun, she pulled them out and yelled, "Oh my gosh guys, I STOLE these!!" Hilarious. She took them back the next lady and the lady was so confused that she actually returned them.

Caesars Palace

Walkin the Strip

Magic Show

Britt got to go up and help. She had to cover a knife with bags and some other guy had to guess where it was. It was really cool!

Helicopter ride! My first one ever. I've always wanted to fly in one but am terrified of heights so have been scared to but it was soo cool!! I wanna do it again.

Thanks to Brittany, Jenay, Linlee, and Jobie for letting me tag along on their trip. It was amazing and I'm so glad I got to meet them. Can't wait to see them all again and I look forward to the next fun trip. I love Vegas and will go with anyone any chance I get :)

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