Sunday, October 2, 2011

Utah Game!

Whitney invited me to go to the Utah game with her yesterday! I was so excited cuz I hadn't been for like 3 years, since the TCU blackout game in like 2008, so I was stoked! Although it was an awful game cuz it was 31 to 7 the whole time until the last minute when Utah decided to score to make the final score 14-31, it was still such a fun day and night and I was so glad I got to go, even though we lost. I can't wait to go to another! Afterward we just drove around salt lake takin random pictures cuz I saw a store called the "Blonde Grizzly" and just had to have a picture taken with it! haha we then saw a parking garage with Utah things painted inside so of course had to take pictures with those. All in all it was a fun night and I can't wait til the next game, and hopefully win... Go Utes!!

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  1. football games are so fun.......I just went to my first michigan football game last saturday! it was so fun!

    love your cute blog, just found it--following!

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