Sunday, September 18, 2011

Utah State Fair

Mikell and I went to the State Fair on Friday. It was so much fun! We loved just being there. We shopped a bit, looked at all the animals, got some cotton candy, saw the "Smallest Lady in the World", rode the ferris wheel, and checked out all the crazy fried food options. Made for a very enjoyable night and can't wait to go back next year.

Aren't the piglets cute?! We looked at them forever and wanted to take one home so bad! And I thought the cow bums all lined up made for a great picture. And look how cute the mommy and baby are?! I loved it.

One of the cows charged at Mikell. It was tied up but still terrifying and quite hilarious. She got a great picture though! (on her phone so I don't have it to post.)

Gotta get some cotton candy at the fair! And what that random?? Seals? Seriously?! Yeah didn't understand that one.

Hadn't rode a ferris wheel in years cuz I pretty much hate them. I'm terrified of heights and so is Kell so we thought it'd make for an interesting adventure. I hated every minute of it and we were both freaking out the whole time. Never doing it again. And it wasn't even that high, I'm a wuss.


  1. So remember when we rode the stratosphere in Vegas. Awesome. Probably my favorite memory of you! You and your heights! Ha ha... Love you!

  2. haha oh yeah I totally remember that, so terrifying- so embarrassing! haha I love you girl!

  3. This looks SO fun! We talked about going with another couple but then it was so rainy and messy that we didn't want to risk getting caught in the rain at the fair (haha we're big babies!) I wish we would've gone!

  4. all of these pictures are amazing! LOVE instagram. you are too cute! fairs are so much fun!
    xo TJ