Monday, October 17, 2011

Work work work

So all I'm doing this month is working, non stop, no joke. I have five families I'm nannying for through out the month who's parents are going out of town so it's lots of over nighters, plus my regular nannying job, plus teaching cheer, plus doing hair whenever I find free time- normally when the kids are at school. So I can't wait for a night off all to myself to just chill and ohhh how I am craaaaving a morning to sleep. Cannot wait til October 30th! Ha that's when all this craziness ends. I am busy 24/7 it feels like. I feel like I have no social life cuz this month is so crazy busy!!! But it's good for me and hey can't complain about the money haha and luckily I quite enjoy it. I mean, who wouldn't love hanging out with all these cuties right???

I seriously watch the greatest kids ever! I lucked out with every family I watch cuz they're all awesome. Oh and I am already on my 3rd one of the month so it's actually going by pretty fast. Anyways yeah I'm sure many of you don't care but that is why I've been MIA :)


  1. They are all WAY cute and don't worry Haley I care about why you've been so busy:) Seriously though as soon as you're done we need to do something!

  2. That is thee cutest little post it note! You are going to be the best freaking mom EVER. I love it!