Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Fun

Let's play catch up. Ugh so much to write about. I'm overwhelmed thinking about my Harry Potter post. There's soooo much!!! This post is just to get the other stuff out of the way ;) haha kidding, it was all fun too. These are way out of order and I'm too lazy to fix it. So you're just gonna have to deal with it.

Lady Antebellum Concert/ Valentine's Day. It was amazing. Thanks for being my valentine mommy!! And Lady A, you were incredible. 

Tyler's birthday. Cutest little boy. So glad he invited me to his bday party. It was hockey themed and we went ice skating. At any given moment there was a kid on the ground, hilarious.

Me and my Kell at a wedding. She gets married sooo soon and I am so extremely excited for her! I love this girl and am way glad she's so happy.

Complete opposites with Meg.

It's no secret that I'm in love with this kid. And how can I not be? Look at that face!!

Superbowl. Delicious food, great company. Tayah is such a doll!!

Went and saw Nat in her school musical "Grease". She's a-ma-zing. By far was the best and so much fun to watch!! Talented talented girl and made the perfect Rizzo.

Jazz Game with my dad and Meg.

Helpin Kell with her bridals. Yes she's the most stunning bride ever.

Con's basketball game.

Hailey, Tayah, and Jonny. Cute lil family :)

Okay that was easier then I thought it'd be. The next one is gonna be a tough one though. HP Camp :)


  1. Was that Lady A concert in Utah? If so my friend was there on the front row! She's probably in your pictures :)

    1. Yes it was in Utah! Wow I'm way jealous of her, that's awesome!!

  2. glad I was a part of some of your adventures! :)
    Cant wait for next weekend! LOVE YOU!