Monday, May 16, 2011


  So I went to Vegas a few weekends ago with Mikell and Megan. It was a bit of a celebration for us :) It was honestly one of the best trips ever!!! So much fun and I am so so glad we went! I meant to post about it forever ago but it's taken me a while to get a hold of all the pics, which I'm about to post cuz there's no point writing everything, pictures are always better...

Ready to go in our Utah gear


About to hit the strip

Meg's Big Balls

Coke Factory

M&M Factory


Pool Day


Cheesecake Factory

I love the fountain show!!

Gold Man. He's real.


Dancing the night away...

Such a FUN night!

So sad to leave

About to drive home

Love me some Nilla Wafers

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  1. I think Vegas is such a fun weekend trip! It looks like you ladies had a BLAST! I am so happy you're happy girl! Love you very much! Xo.