Friday, June 3, 2011

Vegas- Round 2

So Friday Whitney and I decided we needed to get out of town for memorial weekend. We ended up in Vegas. Go figure ;) I'll do a quick recap: Saturday went to the pool at Excalibur, went to dinner at Macayo's that night, a delicious mexican restaurant, went to take a nap at 10 before goin out for the night and ohhh slept all through the night haha. Sunday was super windy so we went to a singles ward, went to lunch with some people we met there which was way fun, then went hot tubbing at Palazzo with them cuz it was too cold to lay out. Lame. That night went dancing at Hard Rock's club- Vanity. We were under the impression that Drake would be performing so we waited til 1:30 in the morning and he finally came on and after of him just chillin on stage talking in between songs for an hour finally asked someone when he would perform and was told he was only "hosting". Lame again. I was exhausted, we went back and slept. Monday the weather was finally perfect so we went to the pool at Bellagio. Well, snuck in to the pool at Bellagio. It was fabulous. We of course had picked up a cupcake and brownie on the way though from Sugar Factory and ate those :). Then we did a little shopping and ate at Sugar Factory. We were gonna go to Serendipity but Sugar Factory's menu was too hard to resist. We got frozen hot chocolate, Whit got a s'mores crepe, and I got a chocolate, chocolate, chocolate crepe. Delicious. Made me sick. Didn't think something would be ever be too chocolatey for me. This was. Then we drove home! And that was our fabulous, last minute weekend getaway!

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