Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pillow Pets and Women's Expo

Mikell and I are quite the pair. With us, there's always a good time to be had. We have a blast and are obsessed with unicorns. So naturally when she saw them at Target we knew we must go get them. Feel free to make fun of us but they are the softest things ever, great to cuddle with, and they're cute! What more could a girl want!? ;)

We then picked up Kell's sister Natalie and went to the Women's Expo. I had never been and it was quite the girls dream, clothes, purses, shoes, and jewelry EVERYWHERE!! I have been spending way too much money lately (what's new?) but don't exactly have a great source of income yet (I'm working on it, so if you need your hair done I'm home and back in business people!) so I of course didn't want to buy anything. Well of course I failed and got a really cute shirt. We also say Mikell's friend Wendy there who is just the cutest thing ever!

Then we all went to dinner at the Mayan, I'd really been wanting to go since I hadn't been forever and it we were right by it so we had to go! We had crappy seats though, but still a good time.

Wendy and I had the exact same lip gloss, pretty dang cool...

Wendy went home, Natalie went with friends, so Mikell and I did what Mikell what Mikell and I do best, drive around jamming to music (sometimes parking in random parking lots) trying to cause mischief, always ALWAYS fun! We went and visited a friend who had a pink oven. I repeat a PINK OVEN! I was obsessed. I want one. So it was necessary to take a picture to remember this glorious find. Oh! And we also saw this Scooby Doo van TWICE that night! Pretty sweet. Well we drove around Salt Lake for a little bit but failed in finding trouble so we ended the night there. But I'm sure we'll find plenty of exciting things in Vegas this weekend!!! Woot Woot!!!

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